Hi! My name is Amy Hawkings and I am in the University of Victoria’s Secondary Post-Degree Professional Program. My education background is in kinesiology and I finished my first degree in Calgary in 2016. During my initial undergraduate I really focused on the area of biomechanics. I had always enjoyed mechanical physics, and the ability to apply physics principles to the human body in biomechanics was the perfect combination of anatomy, physiology and mechanics for me.

Since finishing school, I have worked as a strength and conditioning coach and kinesiologist with a variety of different populations. I quickly found I am best suited to working with youth populations and have subsequently worked with many different youth individuals, teams and groups. The experience that made me so excited to enter into a career in education was the opportunity to teach high school strength and conditioning at the National Sports School in Calgary. I found it both challenging and very rewarding to learn the student’s goals and design activities that allowed them to confidently explore movement and health.

I want to grow into an educator who has the skills to create a safe learning environment, with an encouraging and supportive culture, in order to allow students to grow to their potential. I will also strive to exemplify the qualities of reliability and consistency. The students should know that they can rely on me to be prepared, honest and fair every day. Each student has a toolkit that educators have the opportunity to fill with tools to help them overcome their specific barriers. I am driven to continue learning throughout my practicum how to be an adaptable and dynamic leader that has the understanding to best fill each student’s toolkit and help them succeed!